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Jil's Shop has some beautiful holiday magnetic eyeglass lanyards and necklaces!

It's great to see old favorites return for the newest crop of crafters, discovering new and exciting ways of bringing beauty into our homes and sharing them with loved ones. Whatever the medium, we're going to explore contemporary ways of updating the old and incorporating the new crafts to create our own gift unique items. 

As an example, scrapbooking has become such a staple in the crafting world that it's hard to remember when people were appalled watching anyone cut up those perfect squares and rectangles sent back by the film developer. Aren't you glad you're living at a time when you can be creative to your heart's content!

At the Creative Handz shop, crafting always starts with the idea that budgets are limited and supplies are first found around the house. Special tools and equipment are then added as you grow in your craft.

You'll find the old in our Projects section and we'll visit the new in Articles and Journal, Resources and Links.



To make things easier for you, I now have a professional e-shop where you can buy more than one item at a time! 

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