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Sharlene Thomas, Artist and Creator

Having been an avid crafter and artist since early childhood, seeing unique items evolve from odd bits of found scraps has always been a challenge.  Nothing can beat the thrill of seeing something truly beautiful come to life within a few hours of work -- a thrill, by the way, that only another crafter would truly understand. It's not junk, it just hasn't been touched with love, yet!

Retirement has given me more than enough time to design and create, in addition to offering workshops for those interested in learning crafts I've enjoyed over the years.  To me, crafting and 'fine art' are not necessarily mutually exclusive. The mixed-media art forms of today make it almost impossible to tell where one starts and the other begins. I think if you're the least bit creative, expressing that creativity is going to take place:

It isn't just that idle hands are the devil's workshop; it's that there's something very calming and enriching within each person enjoying their crafts -- whether creating an original work or putting together something from a pre-packaged kit -- the end result is the same -- something to enjoy with your friends and family and those to come in future generations.

Creativity is all around and there's nothing we enjoy more than sharing projects and new ways of making the old like fresh and current.  Artistic expression is needed everywhere and it only takes a very small walk through your town to see what can be done with a bucket of paint and a brush. We are limited by our own self-doubt. Toss it aside!  This is the place for fun.

If there are any special projects you would like for online classes, please let me know, and we'll get one started.  Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.




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